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Tiskarna knjigoveznica Radovljica is operating since 1963, when a small workshop became a small-trade plant. Photographic, printing and bindery activities were carried out in the centre of Radovljica in the old Lerh house.

In 1975 an extension was built as the old plant had become too small for the expanding activity. However, very soon this also became too small, and consequently, in the year 1993, the entire printing activity was moved to the present location in the former army facilities at Ljubljanska cesta 56. 

In the first few years the plant had a few employees. Nowadays fifty people are employed, who continue the rich printing and bindery tradition, expanding their own knowledge and use the state of the art technologies.

We are located in the North-West part of Slovenia (EU), about 20 km from the border of Austria and 50 km from the border of Italy. 

Our company is constantly adapting to new standards and sucessfully adressing changing needs of our customers. Furthermore, we upgrade our production capacities every year, in order to become more efficient and enlarge our sales opportunities. We are confident, we could cover most od paper-printing requirements with the right product quality at competitive prices and most satisfing customer service.

We offer prepress services, digital and offset printing, various finishing and binding services. Our wide range of products expands from flyers, various business forms, to books, calendars, brochures, notebooks, etc. We work with many high-profiled clients in Slovenia from different industries, such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, trade, banks, public organisations and many others. 



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