Tiskarna knjigoveznica Radovljica d.o.o.,
Ljubljanska cesta 56, 4240 Radovljica

+386 (0)4 537 18 11
        +386 (0)51 332 785

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We cooperate with Tiskarna Radovljica more than one year now and we are truly satisfied with their service. We are offered their full support and they can meet our tight deadlines, despite our always late submitted print files.

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Our customers are several known and established companies from Slovenia and abroad, public institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations, associations, societies and clubs, entrepreneurs, craftspeople and individuals. The wide range of our printed matters reflects the specific characteristics of several branches: 

- metallurgical,
- machine building,
- electrical,
- textile,
- pharmaceutics and food processing industry,
- different service activities,
- science, education,
- health,
- sports,
- culture,
- tourism,
- media and several others.











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We are cooperating with Tiskarna Radovljica for quite some time now, because they provide quality, flexibilty and they are trustworthy, which is the basics for a good business relationship. 

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