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Our design and prepress department employs highly qualified professionals with state of the art hardware and software, both the Mac OS and Windows operating systems. We offer a wide range of services from design to final file inspection. As follows: design, scanning, proofs, inspection and certification of input files, digital printing, electronic set-up, and CTP plates processing. We can also provide the electronic "flip-book", which can be used for "softproof" or for digital catalogue posted on customers’ website.

We are the first in Slovenia to calibrate the particular production processes (calibration of monitors, the trial prints, digital and offset printing), according to the very latest ISO (Fogra51 and Fogra52) standards, both for coated as for uncoated papers. This allows us to provide certified preflight and highly accurate footprint.

Therefore the customer can check, before printing, how the final printed matter will appear. All measurements are carried out spectrophotometrically, at both visible and UV light (invisible).

The quality of the processed CTP is one of the basic conditions for the superior printing. CTP processingis performed by SCREEN CTP unit "PTR 8300", which operates on thermal technology basis. This provides outstanding accuracy and repeatability. We use only Fuji CTP plates, which are known to be of the highest quality on the market. CTP plates is usually processed with conventional AM (amplitude modulated) screening, but our competitive advantage is the hybrid "SPEKTA 2" screening, which allows printing with greater colour density and high details accuracy. By using such screening, we can also avoid the so called ‘’broken lines’’ and moiré effect.

Below you can see the example of the difference on the printed sheet.






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