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Material Submission

You can send the materials in electronic form to the e-mail addresses, published on our web site, or upload them to our ftp server: ftp.tiskarna-radovljica.si (contact us before to get user name and password), or deliver them on portable media (CD, DVD, Iomega ZIP, USB-Flash Disk/Drive/Key)




We can accept open PC and MACINTOSH files of the following software: Page Maker, QuarkXpress, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, FreeHand, Microsoft Office and others. All the fonts, used in the document (Type 1 or True Type) should be enclosed or converted to curves. Pictures should be saved in TIFF or JPG format, modus CMYK, with the resolution 300 dpi for 1:1 size.
A more optimal mode of recording the files for printing is PostScript (PS). If you want to make a PS file, a printer, which supports PS language, should be set in the system. The type and model of PS printers is selected in accordance with the type of work (black and white or colour printing), then an appropriate PPD is selected, in the window "Output" resolution 2400 dpi is selected and a PS file is created by selecting "Print to File". When creating a PostScript file it is important to take into account the additions for cutting (3 mm) and the colours should be saved in CMYK format, composite.
Recently PDF files have been used more and more for printing. Due to a special mode of recording they take up less space (even up to ten times less for the same quality of recording). PDF document is created by using Adobe Acrobat Distiller to convert a PS file into a PDF file. 
Settings can be found at the following ftp address: ftp.tiskarna-radovljica.si/toolbox
The most recent versions of graphical software are able to save files in a PDF file directly (e.g. "Export" or "Save as PDF, PDF/X" ...)
More detailed information for creating PS, PDF and PDF/X… files can be found at the following addresses: